Izzy Schreiber

Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Izzy developed a passion for photography. Starting out with traditional 35mm film, he learned the process of working in a darkroom and developing silver gelatin prints. A few years later, Izzy converted to a digital format. In 2013 Izzy moved to Japan where he worked with clients photographing, fashion, beauty, and portraiture. In May, 2017 he moved to Seoul, South Korea where he has continued to grow his business to include shooting various Fashion shows such as, Seoul Fashion Futures, the first children’s runway show, and 18 SS Hera Seoul Fashion Week. Izzy pursues many personal projects to expand his photographic reach globally.

The Birth of Easy Izzy Photography

The name Easy Izzy was born 3 years ago in Okinawa, Japan. Izzy’s clients often called him “Easy Izzy” due to his easygoing and flexible attitude during their shoots. As the years past the name stuck and now embodies the very attitude in which Izzy photographs his clients. Izzy’s attitude and ability to adapt and overcome any challenges that may occur during a shoot birthed the name; Easy Izzy Photography.
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