Izzy Schreiber

Izzy is fashion photographer who was raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Izzy developed a passion for photography from an early age. Learning in the traditional art of film photography, Izzy quickly became intrigued with experimenting in various genres of photography. Izzy went on to get a bachelor’s degree from the University Of Maryland UC, in digital alteration and design. In 2013, Izzy moved to Japan where he worked with clients photographing, fashion, beauty, and portraiture. After living in Japan for 4 years, he moved to Seoul, South Korea in early 2017.

His photographic style is known to focus on the lasting connection between the viewer, the model, the location, and the fashion. Izzy likes to place the viewer in the photo, often viewing the subject from abnormal angles, giving a sense of empowerment and strength. Currently Izzy is working on various social fashion related works, introducing concepts of animism, semiotic communication, and gender fluidity. Izzy believes fashion photography is not just about aesthetic, but also about a stronger message emulating present, past, and future social and political issues.

Izzy specializes in fashion editorial, commercial, lookbook, and runway. He has worked with brands such as Garb and Mabel Brempong, along with numerous young designers looking for images to portray their experimental fashion. Izzy has been covering fashion weeks around asia to include Seoul Fashion Week and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, shooting both runway and backstage. Izzy’s catwalk related work has been published by CNN Style, Korea Herald and 10 Magazine, Korea.

The Birth of Easy Izzy Photography

The name Easy Izzy was born 3 years ago in Okinawa, Japan. Izzy’s clients often called him “Easy Izzy” due to his easy going and flexible attitude. As the years past the name stuck and now embodies the very attitude in which Izzy photographs. Izzy’s attitude and ability to adapt and overcome any challenges that may occur during a shoot birthed the name; Easy Izzy Photography.
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